Your hair mask doesn’t work? Choose it accordingly to your hair type!

hair mask

When it comes to intense hair care hair masks are – next to the oils – peerless. You should consider its use at least once a week but keep in mind that only hair mask matching your hair type will be effective. Don’t know what hair mask will be good for your hair? Look for the answer below.

Nowadays, the use of a hair mask is as natural to us as washing your hair. It’s one of those elements that allow you to ensure your hair with versatile care and restore its good condition. Even though we tend to more and more incorporate natural oils in intense hair care, we should still once in a while choose a good hair mask. The most important benefits of a hair mask are as follows:

  • it has more intense action than the conditioner,
  • you just need to use it once a week to see improvement,
  • it helps with issues such as dryness and damage,
  • you can make it at home.


The best hair mask for dry hair

Parched hair requires a deeply moisturizing hair mask. You should look for two important ingredients humectants and emollients. The first ones will help to store the hair in the hair and the second ones will prevent it from evaporating. That is why the best hair mask for dry hair is such with hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe, or other moisturizing substances but also natural oils (argan, almond, olive).

The best hair mask for brittle hair prone to breakage

For brittle hair with split ends and prone to breakage, you need a regenerative hair mask. It’s common knowledge that proteins are best at regenerating because those are substances that restore the hair in a natural way. Therefore, if you look for the perfect hair mask for brittle hair, the best choice will be protein regenerative hair mask with keratin or plant-based proteins (wheat, soy), etc. If you are not vege and you don’t mind animal ingredients in your cosmetics, you can also try an egg hair mask or product with silk/milk proteins. However, you should keep in mind that the best absorbed are hydrolyzed proteins.

The best hair mask for colored hair

For colored hair, the best solution is also a regenerative hair mask because the colorization process usually ends badly for the hair. Especially if you go for hair dye with ammonia. To regenerate and strengthen the hair, you need the formula saturated with hydrolyzed keratin or silk that additionally smooths out and makes strands full of gloss. To preserve the vivid and deep color for longer, you should use a hair mask with oils so that hair can be better nourished, moisturized, and full of gloss.

The best hair mask for frizzy hair

Unchallenged product in hair care of frizzy hair is a hair mask with natural oils that are cold-pressed and unrefined. The gloss and softness are best restored by hair mask with argan oil as it’s an ingredient like none other when it comes to hair care of the given hair type. The most important quality of argan oil is sun protection as well as protection against high temperatures and humidity and that is the most common reason for hair frizz. Complement it with a hair mask with silk and the unruly hair issue is sort out.

The best hair mask for dull hair

The oil-based hair mask is a great solution also when your hair lacks gloss. You should keep in mind that the most common reason for dull hair is its poor hydration so along with hair mask with oils, you should use a moisturizing mask with humectants which is able to solve the issue from the inside. The emollient and humectant duet is always a great solution when it comes to hair care, especially for dull hair in order to make them lovely-looking again.

The best hair mask for oily hair

On the other hand, oily hair needs a hair mask that not only can condition it, but also moisturize, nourish, regulate the work of sebaceous glands, and eliminate the main problem. Here the perfect solution is a cleansing hair mask with active charcoal and white clay which is a natural way will refresh the hair and make them preserve the freshness for longer. All hair masks with clay are a good choice for this type of issue.