How to prevent hair loss?

hair loss

If hair falls out excessively it’s a signal that there is something wrong going on in your organism. What can you do to prevent hair loss?

Why does hair fall out?

Hair loss is a sign that there is an insufficient amount of nutrients that are delivered to the hair which is often caused by the internal factors, such as poor diet lacking vitamins, but also external factors such as the use of bleachers, hair spray. Drying hair with hot air, straightening, use of curler, it all has a destructive impact on the hair structure. The hair is subjected also to numerous mechanical damages like incorrect brushing or styling.

Hair loss may also be information about the disease, i.e. hypothyroidism. Other factors contributing to the worsening of the issue are stress, regular hair styling treatments, incorrectly chosen hormonal birth control. What’s important is that excess use of vitamin A is also harmful!

How to prevent excess hair loss?

The desired effect can be ensured by providing the hair with essential nutrients and vitamins, such as A, E, F, zinc, iron. Necessary may be running some tests to find the cause of hair loss as soon as possible. You shouldn’t ignore the problem! Increased hair loss is not normal and it should alarm you. It is worth trying scalp massage to improve blood circulation.

A balanced diet is a must. You should enrich your diet with products rich in protein, iron, and zinc. Don’t forget about the vitamins E, B, C, and A which can be found in full-grain bread, pasta, and citrus.

You should limit coffee intake as well as sugar and eliminate all processed foods.

How to care for hair dealing with hair loss?

The common issue is poor care which aids hair loss. You should limit to minimum drying, straightening, curling, and in general subjecting the hair to high temperatures. Too frequent use of hair dye and holding hair tied will also have an unfavorable effect. Use warm water and leave the hair to dry on their own. The notion of leaving hair wrapped in the towel to dry won’t provide the effect you expect.

The problem won’t disappear on its own without proper care. The best method will be to use specialistic products and shampoo. A great choice is getting products with nettle, turnip, common horsetail. You shouldn’t forget about hair rinse, lotions, and conditioners. The supplementation will also improve hair condition.

Another thing recommended for falling out hair is hair oil treatment which holds plenty of benefits. Before you wash hair, perform the massage of the scalp with oil. It will contribute to its strengthening. Hair will become beautiful, healthy, and glossy.