5 Things that Your Hair REALLY Needs!

best products for dry hair

Sometimes we have an impression that our hair lacks something. Is this shine? Resilience? Softness? Nope! When you feel there’s something wrong, what you really need is the right hair care! See 5 things that will turn your hair around.

Most hair problems are caused by us not caring for the tresses correctly. We don’t provide the optimal hydration, protect the hair against the sunlight or suit the right products answering the real needs. Weak, brittle, dull-looking hair falling out with every brushstroke is what we get in return. It’s time to change habits. It’s time to stun with breathtaking hair!

How to care for hair?

There aren’t any one-size-fits-all tips because different hair needs different things. Nevertheless, the basic elements include moisturizing, repairing and protecting the hair. The intensity of our hydration-boosting actions obviously depends on how dry the hair is.

Still, no matter what action we take, what products we choose or what tactics we use when fighting for lovely hair – the regularity matters the most. There are no instant-effect products. Even the best hair mask must be used systematically to change the hair permanently.

Besides that, we need to remember that hair, regardless of its type and condition, likes being treated gently. Pulling, tugging, tight updos? This is not what makes hair stronger or prettier. This is what makes hair worse over time.

5 things that your hair really needs


Water isn’t enough to moisturize the hair. Thankfully, when you use humectants (substances that bind water and keep it inside the hair), the effect is likely to surprise you – hair is more resilient, luminous, soft and smooth.


Humectant-rich products are extremely effective, particularly for very dry hair. They deliver water but we need to do something to keep it inside the hair. Ideally, we should use natural vegetable oils that are a group of emollients. Oils are the best for holding water inside the hair and protecting it against the daily aggressors because they form an occlusive film on the hair. Additionally, they have a nourishing, smoothing and shine-boosting effect.


UV radiation is one of the wrongdoers causing the premature aging of hair and skin. The excess of the sunlight in the summer makes hair dry, dull and coarse. You can easily prevent that by using SPF-enriched mist or making a natural anti-sun damage spray based on oils, for example.


Some people say that having frequent trims keeps them from growing long, healthy hair fast. They couldn’t be more wrong! Let’s face it, hair tips are exposed to damage the most and they tend to split. Once they split, the water and nutrients escapes through them. That is the very reason why having the hair cut regularly makes a brilliant way to keep the tresses healthy and lovely-looking for longer.


Last but not least, a thing that we all need to have in our beauty kit. Hair mask is a must-have no matter the type of hair. This is the only product that rebuilds, repairs and strengthens the hair from within, keeping it safe at the same time. You just need to use it regularly, for example once a week.