How to brush your hair to avoid damage?

How often do you brush your hair? Every woman does it approximately 2-3 times a day. They are unaware of the fact that with each stroke they damage their hair more and mare. How to brush your hair to avoid damage? Here are some proven methods for painless combing.

You stand in front of the mirror and once again you conclude that there is something wrong with your hair. You should consider the fact that at fault here may be the way you brush your hair. Sometimes the easiest and simplest reasons may be the cause of mayhem that eliminates all your efforts.

Hair brushing – the basics

How to do it? How often? With what? There could be a manual written on it. However, it is worth starting by saying a few words on why you should do it. After all, brushing your hair is a task that brings a lot of benefits for your hair. Here are the most important ones.

  1. Brushing the hair allows you to tame hair, smooth it out, and get rid of possible tangles.
  2. Brushing the hair helps with getting rid of pollution and mess that gathers at the roots as well as dead skin cells of the scalp, etc.
  3. Thanks to brushing your hair you prevent hair end dryness because you distribute the natural sebum over the hair length.
  4. Brushing hair on a regular basis means also a massage for the scalp so hair grows faster, stronger, and fuller.


You need to keep in mind that too often and too aggressive brushing (especially when you pull the hair) is one of the factors that damage your hair. Therefore, you need to be wise and gentle about it while being methodical.

How often should you brush the hair?

The fact of how often you should brush your hair depends on hair condition. The finer and weaker the hair is the less you should brush your hair, for example, only before and after hair wash minding not to damage it. If the hair is thick, strong, and longer then you can brush them a bit more often because it will not harm it.

What about curly hair? In this case, you should do it mostly after the hair wash and only when hair is still wet. If you brush curly hair too often, then instead of curls you will have a very frizzy hairstyle.

Accessories for hair brushing

It is time to choose the right tools so that hair brushing can be pure pleasure and not a nightmare. The question here is simple: what should you use to brush the hair? The answer is a bit more complex because it depends on the type and condition of the hair as well as your needs.

Here are the most popular hair accessories that can help you brush hair efficiently and without the damage to hair:

  • wooden wide-tooth comb – perfect for brushing wet hair and especially curly and thick hair, which tend to get tangled when using the comb with finer bristle;
  • boar bristle hairbrush – it’s a great choice for fine hair that requires gentle detangling (the curious thing is that natural bristle can slightly strengthen hair while you brush it because the boar bristle is made with keratin which is a natural building block of the hair);
  • Tangle Teezer – the true hit among all hair lovers because in spite of its plastic form it gets along with hair really well and detangles without pulling thanks to its elastic and widely spread bristles.
    You can obviously comb your hair with your… fingers! It’s absolutely natural and healthy way. Combing hair with fingers is best for curly hair because in its case it is important to detangle without ruining the curls.


brush your hair with accessories made with artificial materials, poorly made, or with sticking out elements that can pull on the hair and damage it.

How to correctly brush the hair?

We now know when to brush the hair. We have the right accessories for it. Now, it is time for a brief instruction on how to brush the hair to avoid the damage. This seemingly easy task still holds -as it turns out – plenty of secrets.

You should brush the hair in sections not all at once. It is best to start at the bottom and move upwards. You should brush each strand slowly and thoroughly from the top to bottom. This way, section by section you brush the hair and at the end, you should run the brush/comb through it once more.


Hair specialists recommend brushing the hair by gradually putting the comb or brush bristles deeper and deeper into the hair. So, you start with brushing with just the tips of the bristle to initially comb out the strand.